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What is ShazArt?

ShazArt is where you come when you need your staff professionally trained to teach Art, or work together on a creative project for your school, in a supportive and fun-filled environment. It is where you come when you want your students to increase their knowledge, creativity and enjoyment of the art-making process by participating in school based workshops.



I am an experienced primary school teacher with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts. I have taught K-6 art in schools for many years. I was head tutor and responsible for coordinating the inaugural art classes at Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery at Gymea. I also managed the monthly art workshops held at the gallery. I taught cartooning at the Abozzo Art Studio at Como for many years.

Creative development

Since starting ShazArt, I have been able to inspire and lead many school, private and corporate staffs in their professional  creative development. I have been involved in the creation of logos, murals, mascots, community art projects and events, team building days and commissioned artworks.


My workshops with school students have been structured in such a way as to introduce valuable drawing skills gradually in order to encourage confidence and enthusiastic engagement. Because I strongly believe in the force of CREATIVITY, I allow my students to discover their own drawing style. I just give them the tools and tricks.


When visiting schools I am there for the whole day, which includes staying back with the staff for up to an hour of free art consultancy or Professional Development. I have always had a passion for art and sharing this passion, in a humorous and entertaining way. I hope the experiences I create are more than memorable .... Also - art classes at ShazArt Studio


take a look

Just a sample of what we do at Shazart

Here are some hard-working students, some examples of my art, and a few of the exciting projects that ShazArt has been asked to create and participate in over the years.


Whatever you envisage can become a reality when we work together as a creative team.

what we do

ShazArt will increase the confidence and expertise of your staff and therefore inspire the creativity and skills of your students, for years to come.



These are fast- paced, skill focused drawing skills sessions.  We cover facial expressions, cartoon characters, simple figures, hands, comic strip narratives, portraits, caricatures, perspective and more. The older the students, the more we do.


The staff sessions not only cover the theory of Art and the methods of teaching the various Art disciplines, but the philosophy behind the creative process itself.


Teachers are encouraged to inspire their students to take risks, make mistakes and be surprised at what they come up with.


I have been privileged to have been involved in the creation of many decorative, instructive and commemorative murals, installations and logos.


These were only made possible due to the staff and students providing the enthusiasm to be trained as a design team. This process involves research, discussion and creative teamwork.


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